Friday, June 8, 2012

Bounce by Mohu Review - Give Me The Juice

I'm a person who loves technology and gadgets.  You may have possibly read Leaf by Mohu Review- Best HDTV Antenna, and I absolutely love my Leaf .  My new gadget is another from Mohu as well called the Bounce.  It is a neat little WiFi enhancer.  On the packaging they claim "3x extra juice for your WiFi".  When you pull the device out of the box it's kind of an egg shaped hunk of plastic looking thing.  On first glance I can not help but wonder if this plastic thingamabob is actually going to do anything, however after the luck that I had with the Leaf antenna I wasn't too skeptical.

Just slide the Bounce onto an antenna!
The way this nifty gadget works... well I can't tell you exactly how it works, that is a mystery hidden within it's egg shaped walls.  But, to install the device to boost your WiFi just slide it right over one of your router's external antennas, and wahlah!  It works!  Simple = Awesome!

I have both a pc and a laptop.  In all honesty I prefer using the pc most of the time.  One of the reasons being that since the pc is jacked directly into the router with a wire it loads things much more quickly than the laptop.  I'm the typical impatient person that prefers instant gratification when it has anything to do with waiting on stuff to happen on the internet.  Buffering is a royal pain in the butt!  So of course one of the first things I tested was going to my bedroom where I would typically use the laptop and firing up the web, which loaded pretty much instantly.  Never has that happened before.  Then I went to watch a video online that I had tried watching on the laptop before and remembered being irritated by the lag time and there was absolutely no lag and the video played right away.  Woohoo!

I do not really use my laptop outside, but my phone is Wifi capable and I do not get much signal in the dog park next to my apartment, so I decided to go and check that out.  In this photo I'm standing in front of the wall where my router and Bounce are located about 4 feet behind me, and if you squint your eyes and look for the arrow I inserted you can see the brown picnic table in the distance.  That's where I spend my time while Balue is having his park time.  Usually I get 1 white bar with WiFi at that table, I now get 3 green bars, and 4 is the most that would be on my phone.  So 3 out of 4 green bars, when before I had no green isn't too shabby!

I do have other electronics in my home that run on WiFi and it does seem that everything is running more smoothly since I slipped this nifty little guy onto my router's antenna.  If your WiFi is needing a boost and your router has an external antenna I suggest giving it a shot.  It is an American made product and you can purchase it on Amazon for only $25!!!  And it is eligible Super Saver or Amazon Prime shipping.

Mohu is quickly becoming a favorite brand, and I'm currently awaiting their new Leaf Plus Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna to come in the mail, so expect to hear from me fairly soon on how that works out.

Have you tried the Bounce and seen a difference?

Much Love!

Oh hey! It's Friday, WiFi just got better and David Bowie is forever sexy... LETS DANCE!

Let's Dance (Single Version) Only 99 Cents!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jealousy Consumes

I've been thinking about how jealousy can consume a person, and sometimes they may not even realize it. Being consumed by jealousy does not just apply to the person who is a jealous lover that flips anytime anyone even looks in the direction of their partner.  There are many forms of jealousy.

I spent my early 20's being jealous a lot, because my life wasn't what I really wanted, and sometimes I didn't even realize that was my problem.  Sometimes it affected my mood and attitude and how I treated people. As I've gotten older and especially since I've had to restart my life, losing everything and being humbled, twice, it's brought a lot into perspective. If I dwelled on everything that I'm not, and what I do not have all of the time I would be a very miserable and stressed person.  Instead I make the choice to be positive, because I've built up a life more than once, and I can do it again and again.

I feel that jealousy in a lot of situations is a choice.  You can chose to be happy for those around you who may have the things you want or are able to do the things that you want and make it a goal to eventually be there.  Unfortunately I see too many people watching what they seem to think is everyone else around them just has it easy, or whatever their thoughts may be, and even though their life isn't absolutely horrible, they still have this constant woe is me attitude because they do not have everything they want in life right at this very moment. 

I've worked to develop a personal awareness to be in self control of jealousy.  A lot of people talk to me about their lives.  And I love that they do.  I'm always willing to be a bouncing board for people to throw their thoughts and emotions and feelings at, because everyone needs someone in their life that they can do that with.  However being a person who experiences an onslaught of expression from other people regarding their personal feelings and life experiences, I tend to absorb and learn from them as well.  I have had people in my life who  are in that constant woe is me state.  I usually find them draining and eventually our friendship tends to fizzle after awhile, I get burned out on constant negativity.  I didn't always, in my younger years I absorbed the negativity and instead of learning from it and doing what I could to avoid being that way I would be constantly pessimistic and depressed and emotional.  I wasn't getting everything I wanted and here were other people who weren't either and everyone who was, well they were jerks.  Right?  No. 

Oh the joys of getting older.  This is a reason I enjoy getting older, I always tell people the older I get the less I feel like a dumbass.  I knew nothing when I was a young adult but I thought I knew everything.  At one point I decided I never wanted to be that pathetic person who was constantly jealous and depressed.  It is hard to keep respect for someone who is that way.

I find it particularly sad when I watch people I know who express their constant or very often state of near depression and/or jealousy over life actually intentionally trying to make people jealous of them.  Any kind of satisfaction they may get from other people being jealous of them is only temporary.  I try to be a very observant person in these matters, I may not always notice a new hair cut but a lot of times I will be able to pick up on a person’s intent when they are actually trying to provoke me into green eyed monster mode.  And I will admit that it is a guilty pleasure to see their taunting turn into frustration when I do not give them the satisfaction of my jealousy. 

I’ve also found that it seems the people who express the most jealousy also seem to express feelings of entitlement to things.  I do not think that they realize it.  I guess for myself since I come from very humble roots, I’ve never been spoiled, and know that nothing in life is just handed to you, or feel that it shouldn’t be anyways, that it is hard for me to relate to people when they come across as that person who thinks it is just their right or something to have everything they want.  It’s just an odd thing for me to be able to process.

And just a brief statement on being jealous that other people have the person you want.  Stop it.  There are plenty of wonderful people in the world and making yourself miserable over one is just silly.  And if they are cheating on their current partner with you but they won't completely leave them for you, do you really think anyone who cheats is worth having for the long haul?
Do not get me wrong.  There are times I will get jealous.  Like when Natalie Portman is all up on my future boyfriend Thor.  That’s just some bs right there.  HA  I jest.  But in some situations it is a natural feeling.  However it is not natural to constantly be jealous and/or try to make others jealous of you.  Consumed with jealousy.

If you are struggling with jealousy issues like I did in my younger life then start working on them today.  You will find your life is much less stressful and depressing and start feeling much more self confident.  We may not get everything we want in life.  Sometimes we are better off not getting the things that we want.  And the things that we do get will come to us with patience and working at our goals.  Anything good in life can be much more appreciated if we get it through working for it.  Or if your problem is waiting on love or some other non-material thing, the same rule can apply;  anything good in life can be much more appreciated if we get it through being patient and waiting for when it is truly right for you.

Much love!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Apparently I Am A Slacker

How the heck has 3 months flown by since the last time I wrote a blog?  I seriously was intending to take just a short break, however I obviously was caught up in doing a whole lot of nothing! 

I've gotten a new gadget I will be reviewing within the next couple of days that is very cool.  Any kind of technology that is affordable and improves the quality of life is ok with me. 

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that in the near future I will be adopting a new little dog, because my big dog, Balue, needs a pet.  What?  Don't your pets have pets?

I decided to go on some dates after my year of dating break, and I decided that I hate dating.  More and more I see why arranged marriages make sense.  Now if someone could arrange for me to be with Thor that would be greatly appreciated.

I've cooked a bunch of super yummy stuff lately, and thought as I was doing it "I should be blogging this" but lacked the heart to feel like taking photos of the process.  But trust me there's been some good stuff going into my belly.

See, obviously a whole lot of nothing going on here.  Which I'm assuming it's better that I haven't mindlessly written about nothing daily for 3 months straight, like some kind of blog writing zombie who feeds on wasting your brain cells instead of actually feasting on your brain cells. NOM NOM NOM

Ok so now that you've gotten this far and finally realized this was a complete waste of your time, HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!

Much Love!

In light of I obviously like to disappear for months at a time I thought I would share with you this cute little Pintrest find....

And for wasting your time here's a song I love....